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Discard User Formula

Dec 05, 2017

The option “Discard user formula” allows submissions to automatically discard user entered formulas upon workflow save.  This feature can be useful when managing multiple users who are inputting on the same slice of data.  By automatically discarding formulas on save, it avoids formulas from being inconsistent between the users.

Power BI and Value Attributes

Mar 06, 2017

When connecting to Kepion cubes from Power BI, you may notice attributes ending with a “value”.  Some of the “value” attributes are necessary, as they may relate to the Time dimension.  However, for most dimensions, the “value” attributes may seem extraneous. To remove the “value” attributes, go into Modeler … Read More

Customize the Support Window

Mar 06, 2017

By configuring the support settings, you can direct your end users to the appropriate support desk for help. You can customize the default support dialog by specifying the following: Email: this is the support email that users can send their issues to Message: this is the default message that … Read More

Kepion SQL Standard Support

Jan 23, 2017

Kepion supports SQL Standard edition. However, there are a few differences in functionality between SQL Standard and SQL Enterprise. We will explore below what those differences mean when designing applications in Kepion. Feature Name Enterprise Edition Business Intelligence Edition Standard Edition Semi-additive Measures Yes Yes No Hierarchies Yes Yes … Read More

Dynamic Member Variable

Dec 12, 2016

A Dynamic Member Variable is used to ensure user saved apps open with the filter set to the current Member Variable setting in Modeler, regardless of what the filter was originally saved with.