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5 Reasons Why You Need Skilled Consulting in Your Business Intelligence Solution Management

By - Jun 01, 2017

Business Intelligence Solution Management

Today’s blogpost is going to be discussing how skilled consulting fits into the bigger picture of your business intelligence solution management. While you may not have considered it before, after reading what consulting provides, it will be hard to imagine a scenario whereby you can get up to speed with your new product without the infrastructure of consulting. Of course it is an investment, but take my advice and don’t make the mistake of trying to cut corners when it comes to deciding on consulting.
You have already invested in your BI and/or CPM software, you must consider what else is needed to guarantee a high return on investment. Utilizing skilled consulting will pay dividends through the duration of your product management.

Here are 5 key reasons why you need skilled consulting in your business intelligence solution management.

It will help to build confidence in your financial planning process. Bringing in some form of skilled consulting is another way to build confidence in your financial planning process, as members of your team don’t feel as though they have to wait for, and rely on, “the experts” to answer questions or make changes during regular business hours. They themselves understand the system and can respond efficiently and correctly.

It will train members of your firm. Due to the one-on-one attention that consulting provides (the hours are billable), members of your firm will have the opportunity to learn new skill-sets, deepen their product knowledge, and become “experts” themselves. The hands-on practice that consulting preaches is second-to-none when it comes to quick and effective learning.

It will ensure your system is top-notch. One of the main priorities of your consultants will be to ensure that the system your firm has in place is the most efficient one for your specific business needs. They will assess that it is reliable to use and easy to maintain. A large part of the consulting process will be to catalogue data sources, examine design requirements, diagnose key improvements, and comprehensively test every template and integration.

It will provide your firm with a support crew. While the training that consulting provides is no doubt excellent, there will still be times when you need some help with your new CPM/BI tool. Drawing on expertise gained from hundreds of implementations with different customers representing many different industries, this support crew will be there to help you troubleshoot with the solution and maximize your return on your CPM/BI investment.

It will assist you in optimization. One of the hardest things for a firm to do on its own is to optimize the connection between your data sources, the BI or CPM solution, and the analyses you need. Therefore, one of the most valuable skills your consultants will bring to the table is the ability to pinpoint your specific business needs and connect them to the feature and functionality offerings of your new solution.

For me, the most important purpose of this type of consulting engagement is to deliver more individualized training for each member of your team. Your business intelligence solution management needs to utilize consulting so that each user reaches a level of expertise whereby they can efficiently (and correctly) build their own reports and dashboards, as well as modify and maintain anything that may arise.

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