Advanced Modeling

Update MemberVariable Programmatically

MemberVariable can be used as default value of filter.  To modify the selected value of MemberVariable programmatically, we need to update both UniqueName and Properties column in [dbo].[ApplicationMemberVariableMembers] table. Assume we have a member variable called Current Month.  Here is a sample query that we can use to update … Read More

How to Update Filter Selection in Saved User Apps?

When user first open/start a dashboard, form filters are initialized to the default members which are setup in the Modeler. Once that app is saved, all filter selections are saved and will be associated with that app going forward. The saved filter settings for an app are stored to … Read More

Performance Tuning for Huge Writeback Partition

Too many records in writeback partition will impact both form and rule performance. When you have a huge writeback partition, the first thing we recommend is try to archive historic planning data to a MOLAP partition. If all records are active, we are going to apply the following method. … Read More

Power BI and Value Attributes

When connecting to Kepion cubes from Power BI, you may notice attributes ending with a “value”.  Some of the “value” attributes are necessary, as they may relate to the Time dimension.  However, for most dimensions, the “value” attributes may seem extraneous. To remove the “value” attributes, go into Modeler … Read More

Improve Performance by Configuring Partition Mode and Interval

If you have a partition storing more than 20 million rows or over 250 MB in size, you can configure partition mode and partition interval setting in PERFORMANCE tab of the partition to improve performance. You can choose to partition the data by a certain “criteria” and by a certain … Read More