Connect to SSAS on Azure VM from Excel PivotTable

To allow PivotTable to connect to the SSAS database resides on Azure VM, we will first need to turn on the SSAS port on the machine. Please note, only Windows AD and Azure AD Integrated authentication mode supports direct connection to SSAS. First, log in to Azure Portal, select … Read More

Add Script to Kepion Default Web Page

You can enter a custom script to the Kepion default webpage (e.g. set up Google Analytics tracking) by using the Web Page->HEAD module.  Include your script by typing into the HEAD text box and click Save.  For example: Once saved, you can hit F5 to reload the page in IE.  … Read More


You can simplify your Kepion cubes by using the perspectives feature. Perspectives allow you to create a more user friendly interface for 3rd party analysis tools, such as Excel PivotTables, when connecting to your model’s data. To use perspectives, select a model in Modeler and click on the PERSPECTIVE … Read More

Reverse Hierarchy Display in a PivotTable

It’s really easy to reverse the hierarchy display in a Kepion form.  You only need to check the Reverse option in the Layout tab in a form.  It would take more work to get this job done in an Excel PivotTable. Here is how. Create your PivotTable first. If … Read More

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Kepion allows users to perform transactional drill-through from forms. Any user belonging to the Advanced Contributor role would be able to perform a transactional drill-through from planning and reporting forms. However, before anyone can perform this drill-through, the Modeler would need to first define its definition. How does transactional … Read More