Add Script to Kepion Default Web Page

You can enter a custom script to the Kepion default webpage (e.g. set up Google Analytics tracking) by using the Web Page->HEAD module.  Include your script by typing into the HEAD text box and click Save.  For example: Once saved, you can hit F5 to reload the page in IE.  … Read More


You can simplify your Kepion cubes by using the perspectives feature. Perspectives allow you to create a more user friendly interface for 3rd party analysis tools, such as Excel PivotTables, when connecting to your model’s data. To use perspectives, select a model in Modeler and click on the PERSPECTIVE … Read More

Reverse Hierarchy Display in a PivotTable

It’s really easy to reverse the hierarchy display in a Kepion form.  You only need to check the Reverse option in the Layout tab in a form.  It would take more work to get this job done in an Excel PivotTable. Here is how. Create your PivotTable first. If … Read More

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Kepion allows users to perform transactional drill-through from forms. Any user belonging to the Advanced Contributor role would be able to perform a transactional drill-through from planning and reporting forms. However, before anyone can perform this drill-through, the Modeler would need to first define its definition. How does transactional … Read More

Analytical Drill-through

One of the types of drill-through that Kepion supports is cube level drill-through, or analytical drill-through. Just simply right click on a read-only cell and select Drill-through (Analytical) to start analyzing that cell’s data. The DEFAULT tab is selected when you first open the Drill-through window. You can drag … Read More