Data Integration

Process Cube through SQL Agent Job

When you need to schedule a cube processing or process the cube after data loading, SQL Agent Job is the tool to use. Here is how the job step should be configured in SQL Agent Job. Here is the code.  You just need to change the <DatabaseID> to your application … Read More

Managing MemberIDs in Dimension at Import/Export

We improved the import/export functionality to help you better manage MemberIDs for a dimension. A “Show MemberId” checkbox has been added to the dimension ribbon to provide more visibility to the MemberId field. When exporting a member list, you can export MemberID together with all other columns to a CSV file by … Read More

Alter Database Collation

You can alter the collation of a Kepion database by performing the following steps: 1) Backup your application database. 2) Script out the application database, including both schema and data. Take a look at the following article to see the detailed steps. 3) Include in the script a default … Read More

Process Cube in SQL Agent Jobs

Kepion Modeler allows you to process application objects including databases, cubes, partitions, and dimensions through UI when needed. If a process task needs to be scheduled, we will use SQL agent job. Here is how. Step 1. Open SQL Studio Management Studio and connect to the Analysis Service. Find … Read More

Data Integration Best Practices

Each Kepion application comes with its own relational database. All ETL can be performed on the application database and may include the following tables: Dimension Tables: Include any table that begins with D_ and DO_. The D_ tables store the main records for the dimension while the DO_ store … Read More