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What Excel Functions are Supported in Kepion Forms?

The following functions are supported in Kepion forms. Function Example SUM =SUM(A1:A2) AVERAGE =AVERAGE(1, 2, 3) AND =AND(A1, A2) OR =OR(A1, A2) NOT =NOT(A1) IF =IF(A1, TRUE, FALSE) ISNA =ISNA(A1) ISERR =ISERR(A1) ISERROR =ISERROR(A1) ISNUMBER =ISNUMBER(A1) VLOOKUP See Excel online documentation HLOOKUP See Excel online documentation

Creating a Kepion app in the Azure Marketplace

1 Preparation Sign in to, and make sure you have an Azure subscription. 2 Purchase the Kepion Cloud app from the Azure Marketplace Open the URL below in your browser Click Create Virtual Machine. Click Create to continue. Basics Please use the exact value for the Name … Read More

Introduction to Modeler

This is a brief introduction to the Kepion Modeler that walks you through the process of creating an application within Kepion. For advanced modeling techniques, check out the Advanced Modeler series. Length: 09:00 Introduction to Modeler Dimensions & Hierarchies Models & Fact Data Business Rules Input Forms & Reports

Workflow & Security Setup

This video provides a how-to guide on setting up users, groups and roles and security permission to applications within Kepion. Also provides guidance on configuring workflows for your users. Length: 08:13 Introduction to Administrator User & Group Security Model & Dimension Permission Workflow Plan Process Tracking

Dashboard Designer

This is a guide to the Dashboard Designer. This provides a step-by-step guide for building dashboards and best practices. Length: 10:15 Introduction to Dashboard Designer Design Concepts Preparation Steps Development Configuration

Kepion Modeler

Build Enterprise BI & CPM solutions within minutes with Kepion Modeler.

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