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Color Template

You can now create your own color template for use through-out the application by using Color Template under the Application->Settings.   Once the Color Template is set, you can re-use the same colors in any color component within the application.

Formatting Guidelines

Kepion allows you to format a form in a different ways based on your needs. General form formatting Hierarchy-based formatting Scope formatting Two more options are available to define data format. Dimension member formatting Using MDX rules We’ll describe the first three in details below. ¬†For the latter two, … Read More

Multiple Parent Child Hierarchies

In Kepion, Account dimension can only have parent-child hierarchies. Each member has its fixed position in a parent-child hierarchy. In some cases, we may need to create reports with different reporting hierarchies. These hierarchies may share same accounts, like the example shown below. How should we define these hierarchies … Read More

How to Setup a SQL Rule

In Kepion we can setup T-SQL rules to be executed by the end-user. We can create these rules in the Kepion Modeler. In this article, we will go through the steps for creating the SQL rule and associating it with a Form. How to Associate Existing Rules to Forms? … Read More

Performance Tuning

During the application build process, there are several performance tuning options available to consider. There are four main areas for performance tuning with Kepion: Data Partition, Dimension Sizing, SQL Rules and Form Build Partition When performance tuning a partition, you must first determine its storage mode. The storage mode … Read More