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Kepion HTML5

Scope: Browsers: modern Chrome/Edge/IE11. Modules: APPS (Dashboard Planning). Exclusion: Charts/Analytical Drill-through/Reviewer Module not included in initial release. Before you get started: From the Resource Portal, download the latest version of Kepion. For best performance, use Chrome or Edge. HTML5 To enable your environment for HTML5, please run the following … Read More

Dashboard Component Format

Dashboard component formatting with bulk update option.

Clearing Application Database in SQL Server

Open Microsoft SQL Server, include the correct information in the fields and click Connect: Server type: Database Engine Server name: Insert ‘.’ to connect with local environment Authentication: Windows Authentication User name:  Enter user name credential Expand Databases by clicking the adjacent + , right click on CPMAppHost and select Delete. Check the box next … Read More

Workflow Dimension Permission

Configure workflow dimension security.

File Store Attachment

File store allows you to upload attachments through a Kepion dashboard and share files of any type with your teammates. You can create file stores and manage the associated files by dimension. Before You Start Here are some things to know before you begin this process. File size limit: … Read More