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Currency Exchange Setup

In many situations for multinational firms, it is necessary provide a method for converting foreign currencies into a single reporting currency based upon exchange rate information for financial report. We will discuss methods on how to configure Kepion to handle these currency exchange conversions. Step 1. Create a model … Read More

Using Application Variables

Application variables are useful for defining global string variables that can be used in forms and rules. The variable value can be updated in a single place with the impact across the application. Creating an Application Variable Here we can add application variables directly through UI. Select Variable under … Read More

Using Excel PivotTable for Data Analysis

When OLAP cube models are created and deployed in the Kepion modeler, they are accessible through the Excel PivotTable for analysis.  In this article, we will walk-through the steps of accessing existing cubes created in the CPG Sample Application (available through Kepion support downloads). Below is a view of … Read More

Configuring Rolling Forecast

To configure rolling forecast functionality in Kepion, we’ll need to design forms in a correct method that can be updatable from a single place. Below is a form instance that can be used in rolling forecast. It is scoped from six months prior of actuals data to twelve months … Read More

Data Integration Best Practices

Each Kepion application comes with its own relational database. All ETL can be performed on the application database and may include the following tables: Dimension Tables: Include any table that begins with D_ and DO_. The D_ tables store the main records for the dimension while the DO_ store … Read More