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Run Rules on Selected Cells

Users can now run complex business rules on any selected data cells from a form.  A popular scenario that uses this functionality is allocating data at different levels of aggregation.  Here, in our sample application we illustrate the use for this case.  In the application, we provide two methods to allocate data: Set a … Read More

Dashboard Rule Component

You can configure one or more SQL rules to run independently on a dashboard by using the Dashboard Rule Component. Each dashboard rule component can be associated with its own action button, SQL rule and execution behavior.  The configurable behaviors include: Rule: you can select from all the SQL rules … Read More

Enhanced Cell Attributes

You can define advanced form formatting through the use of Cell Attributes.  In the example below, we have three Cell Attributes, each highlighting the cells to a certain color. Right click on a cell in the form, and choose “Define Cell Attributes“.  Select the FORMAT tab.  You can apply … Read More

SQL Rule Messages

SQL rule messages can be very helpful to end users.  They can be used to validate input parameters or to highlight issues for the user to see.  You can define custom messages to return on rule execution by using the SQL PRINT function.  When users run the rule, they … Read More

Create Tiles in Dashboard

Tired of forms and charts? Let’s create a tile to summarize your key information on a dashboard. A tile is a form with special formatting. Step 1 – Create a form that shows the data you’d like to see. For example, I’m creating a form with Account on the … Read More