How-to Register Customer Licensing

When a Kepion partner lands a new customer opportunity, it is important that each step is followed carefully so that we can properly recognize the opportunity and ultimately keep track of everything in an efficient manner. This step by step outlines the process from the moment a new customer opportunity comes up all the way to the billing stage. Please reach … Read More

Customer Management Walkthrough

As Kepion’s partner network continues to grow, we have asked our partners to register each of their customer opportunities into the Deal Registration deck. As mentioned, this will enable us to gage progress going forward and further understand how we can provide better mutual support. These instructions can be located by clicking this link : … Read More

Deal Registration Walkthrough

Starting April 01, 2016, all Kepion partners will be required to register customer opportunities. This will allow Kepion and our global partners have a better alignment on customer opportunities and gain insight how we can better support each other. Below are instructions on how to get started. Please reach … Read More

Business Intelligence Support

Date: 2/28/2014 Job Req#: 1008946005 The area: Solution Support Team The Solutions Support team ensure that Kepion customers’ and implementation partners’ needs are met from beginning to end.  The team is responsible for supporting efforts for all phases of a Kepion delivery project.  Team members also support Kepion implementation … Read More