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Configure Transactional Drill-through

By - Sep 25, 2014

Kepion allows users to perform transactional drill-through from forms. Any user belonging to the Advanced Contributor role would be able to perform a transactional drill-through from planning and reporting forms. However, before anyone can perform this drill-through, the Modeler would need to first define its definition.

Here we will define a transactional drill-through definition for retrieving members from the Product dimension based on the context of the currently selected cell on a form. For instance, if I am a planning user and I would like to know more information about a particular product that I am planning for, I can perform a drill-through and get the particular product’s information.

In general, the transactional drill-through architecture is as follows:

Transactional Drill-through

Let’s see how this can be done. Go to Modeler and select Application Settings->Drill-through (Transactional).

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Click on Add from the Drill-through (Transactional) module. A Drill-through window will popup:

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Select the Product dimension from the DEPENDS ON tab to indicate that this particular drill-through will have its results filtered by the Product context.

Click on SETTINGS tab to configure the maximum results that could be returned and also to configure the forms that will support this drill-through.

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Next, you will need to define the SQL query definition. Here, knowing a little SQL goes a long way, however you can also take a look on the EXAMPLE tab and see how some of that syntax would look like. Enter your SQL definition on the DEFINITION tab. Once you click OK, the system will let you know if there are any syntax errors and if not, will save the definition to the server.

Configure Transactional Drill-through

Once configured, you can use the Transactional Drill-through on a form.

Transactional Drill-through on a Form

Clicking on Drill-through (Transactional) will bring up the Drill-through window:

Drill-through Window

Select the drill-through definition PRODUCT INFO that was previously defined and click Drill-through. You can see the results below:

Drill-through Window

Transactional drill-through is a powerful feature that is enabled for Advanced Contributors. You can define one or more drill-through definitions and you can also return many different results straight from the relational database. With transactional drill-through, accessing source information becomes easy!


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