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Dashboard Text Variables

By - Aug 11, 2014

Kepion Dashboard supports Text Variable that can be used to show system information in a customized formatted way. The following variables are supported in dashboard Text component:

  • ${user}: Replace this variable with the currently logged in user
  • ${plan}: Replace this variable with the name of the plan
  • ${submission}: Replace this variable with the name of the submission
  • ${page}: Replace this variable with the current dashboard page context

Using a Text Variable is easy, simply enter the variable into the text component and format the variable text as you’d like it.

Configure a Text Variable

Note: When formatting a Text Variable, ensure the format is the same across the entire variable, otherwise the Text Variable may not be recognized correctly.

Dynamic Text Content on Dashboard

Exiting out of the edit mode for the text component, the variable should dynamically update with the system information. Give it a try and enjoy!