Data Formatting

By - Apr 29, 2013

You can define data display format in forms directly.  The following two options allow you to format the data in the cube.

In Dimension

Account and Scenario dimensions support Member Formula. To learn more about this feature, refer to Kepion Modeler Guide on dimension member formatting. You can define dimension member’s format when Member Formula is enabled. In the example below, we define [Gross Margin %]’s format is Percent.

Using Rules

We can use MDX rule to define format from dimension member level.

Compared with defining format in dimension, this option is more complicated, but has more flexibility since the former option supports three kinds of data format only (Currency, Standard, Percent).

Please note: Format defined in Dimension and using rules will be apply to the OLAP cubes directly.

Exporting Formatting

When exporting forms in Planning, only the format defined in forms will be exported. However if you have formatting defined for dimension member, for example: a gross margin % defined as a Percent in account dimension, it will not show as a percentage in exported .xml file.

If you want data format shown in SharePoint tables, Excel PivotTables, or any other third party reports, which means they are reading data from OLAP cubes directly, be sure the format are defined using MDX Rules or in dimension formulas.