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Advanced Filter Link

By - Updated October 12, 2016

Using the Advanced Filter Link, dashboard filters can be configured to link between filters that do not belong from the same dimension.  Filters for hierarchies of type Member-List, Parent-Child and Attribute can be linked together using this feature.  In addition, filters that have member properties associated with them, such as Member-List and Parent-Child hierarchies, can link to other filters by using their properties/attributes.

The first field shows a drop-down of properties that you can use to link to another filter.  The default property is Caption, however you can also use MemberLabel and other dimension attributes if they are available.

The second drop-down shows the list of filters (i.e. <form>.<filter> format) that you can link with.  Multiple non-related filters can be linked together using Advanced Filter Link.  Give this feature a try the next time you have a more complicated filter link scenario.