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Corporate Performance Management Software – The Midmarket Company Savior

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or business performance management is an umbrella term generally used to describe a methodology or a process that helps businesses manage the success of their company. One can also think of corporate performance as collective accomplishments, success, and failures of an organization. Important to all, … Read More

The Tone at the Top’s Influence on Performance Management

One of the mysteries that I have pondered is why organizations are so slow to adopt enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) methods. Why is the application of strategy maps to define an organization’s strategic objectives to determine key initiatives, core processes and performance measures displayed in scorecards and … Read More

What’s Broken about Budgeting?

How many people in your organization love the annual budgeting process? Probably none. The mere mention of the name “budget” raises eyebrows and evokes cynicism. It should. There is much to laugh about when describing the agonizing annual budget process: The budget data is obsolete within weeks after it … Read More

Kepion + Power BI

Conduct What-if Analysis & Planning with Power BI & Kepion.

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