Clearing Application Database in SQL Server

By - Updated September 18, 2018

Open Microsoft SQL Server, include the correct information in the fields and click Connect:

  • Server type: Database Engine
  • Server name: Insert ‘.’ to connect with local environment
  • Authentication: Windows Authentication
  • User name:  Enter user name credential

Expand Databases by clicking the adjacent + , right click on CPMAppHost and select Delete.

Check the box next to Close Existing Connections and click OK.

Repeat this step for the application backup and other databases that are associated with Kepion.

After successful deletion, proceed to Analysis Services from the Connect menu.

Review that the fields are entered correctly and click Connect

Once connected, new section will appear below.

Expand the Databases by hitting the +, right-click on application and click Delete.


On the Delete Objects window, select OK.

Repeat this step for other databases that are associated with Kepion.