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Configure Email Notifications

By - Updated April 6, 2015

Kepion workflow supports email notification. To configure the notification in Kepion, you will need to perform the following:

1. Determine your system email account
2. Configure the friendly website access point
3. Choose a notification message template
4. Configure a plan with advanced workflow that includes Contributor(s) and Approver(s)
5. Configure a plan with notification enabled
6. Ensure AD Sync is performed so that emails are brought in from AD

You will need to be the System Administrator for some of these settings. Click on Administrator and select the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION tab. Populate the Base URL setting to be the friendly web server access point. This will be used for links within the notification email for users to have quick access to their plan. Only specify the portion of the URL before the /#/… For instance, in the example below, the full URL is http://kepionthinkpad:8888/#/SystemApplication?mode=administrator┬ábut we only specify the http://kepionthinkpad:8888 as the Base URL.

Check the Notification checkbox to enable notifications. Specify the system email account to use for sending out notifications. Here, we specify the Email Account, Email Password, Email Host, Email Port and whether the email server requires SSL connection. Once you have the settings configured, you can click on the Save button to save your changes to the server. After saving your changes, you can test the email settings by clicking on Test Email. Once you have confirmed the system settings are correct, you can proceed to the application Administrator where you can configure the type of notification message to send.

Navigate to the application Administrator module and select the Notification in the explorer pane.

Here, you can quickly configure the message template to use for the notification. Notice that we have a couple of pre-defined language templates generated for you. You can also select Custom to craft your own unique message. When crafting a unique message, you can define the email template in HTML and use the system placeholders to dynamically inject system variables such at the current user or the plan link.

Kepion notification supports 5 basic type of messages organized by workflow actions. Click on each action in the tab to explore the messages that can be sent through notification. The default notification template is the “English” template. You can change it or choose to leave it as the default. Click on the Save icon once you are ready save your changes. Next we will go into a workflow plan and enable notification.

Select a plan in the Administrator explorer pane and take a look at the settings under General. Notice that notifications can be enabled by individual plans. Remember to check the Notification checkbox if you want to enable notification for the plan. Once enabled, participants in the advanced workflow will received email notification prompting them to perform an action or letting them know of the status of individual plans.

In the example below, we have enabled notifications by checking on the Notification checkbox.

Kepion notification is based on the email settings from AD. Make sure you AD Sync to bring in the emails for all the users.

Now that all the steps are complete, your workflow users will have email notification at the different stages of the approval process.