Create Tiles in Dashboard

By - Updated March 30, 2016

Tired of forms and charts? Let’s create a tile to summarize your key information on a dashboard. A tile is a form with special formatting.

Step 1 – Create a form that shows the data you’d like to see.

For example, I’m creating a form with Account on the COLUMN and Entity on the ROW to show revenue summary.  In addition, I’ve added a few filters as well to scope down the data.

Kepion Form

Step 2 – Format the form into a tile.

Under LAYOUT ribbon, hide the dimension(s) on the Row or Column that you do not want to show in the tile. In this case, I’m hiding Entity on the Row.

Define a Form

Under GENERAL ribbon, click Border -> More Borders, set Border Color to White, and Selection Color to Transparent.

Change Border Properties

Format the form in the way that is consistent with your dashboard styling.

Dashboard Tiles

Step 3 – Add tiles to your dashboard.

You can also re-use the same tile form with an overridden filter to create different tiles.

Tiles in Dashboard