Creating a Kepion app in the Azure Marketplace

By - Updated July 20, 2017

1 Preparation

Sign in to, and make sure you have an Azure subscription.

2 Purchase the Kepion Cloud app from the Azure Marketplace

Open the URL below in your browser

Click Create Virtual Machine.

Click Create to continue.

Please use the exact value for the Name and User name fields when you create the VM.  This will avoid additional configuration steps once the VM is deployed.

  • Name: KepionCloud
  • User name: KepionAdmin

Fill out other fields that work best for you.  There is no required value for the other fields.
When all the required fields are filled, click OK to continue.

Choose a size for you VM.  We recommend 4 cores and 14 GB of memory, or above. Click Select to continue.

Click OK to continue. No change is needed at this point.

Review the settings and click OK to continue.


Click Purchase if everything looks good to you.


Azure will start preparing your VM.

Once the deployment is complete, you will see a screen similar to the one below.


3 Launch your Kepion Cloud App

Open your Microsoft Azure portal, and navigate to the Kepion Cloud VM.  Click Connect to download the RDP connector.

Go to your download folder, and double click KepionCloud to start the Remote Desktop Connection.

Click Connect to continue.

Enter the user credential you configured in the first step of creating VM.
Click Yes to continue.

Once logged in (Congratulations!), you can access Kepion by opening http://localhost:8888/ in Internet Explorer.

You can create your first app in Kepion or attach one of our sample apps to the environment.

4 Update DNS name

If you plan to access Kepion from outside the VM environment with a user-friendly URL, you need to update the DNS Name.

Click on the field under Public IP address/DNS name label, then Configuration, enter your desired DNS name label, and click Save.

Hover over the field below Public IP address/DNS name label and Click to copy the string. The substring after the forward slash is your DNS Name. Use the following to construct your URL to access Kepion from outside the VM environment.


For example, if the string I copied from the field is, I’ll use to access Kepion from outside the RDP.

5 Stop the VM

Click Stop to stop the KepionCloud VM if you are not using it.