Currency Exchange Setup

By - Updated June 3, 2019

In many situations for multinational firms, it is necessary provide a method for converting foreign currencies into a single reporting currency based upon exchange rate information for financial report. We will discuss methods on how to configure Kepion to handle these currency exchange conversions.

Step 1. Create a model to store exchange rate information.

Step 2. Create a view in database that translates from one currency to another. Please ensure the view has the same structure as partition table in target model.  In this case, the original data are in Local Currency. When converting, we store converted value in Report Currency. Here is an example snippet from the OPEX sample application

Step 3. Create a Partition in the model we want to apply currency exchange.

Step 4. In the Partition tab of the partition we created in Step 3, change the data source to the database view name we created in Step 2.

After this is configured, you should be able to see the currency converted values come through.