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Defined Sets

By - Updated March 30, 2016

Sometimes when designing a form and its filters, you would like to also scope down the members that are available within the filter.  This is usually done by using the scope feature for filters.

Define Filters

However, when using the Custom Set option, you have to manually select each member to include in the list.

Define Filter Selections by Using Custom Set

There can be a better way to manage this. You can use a defined set to scope the available members in a filter.  To do so, you first have to configure the defined set.  Create a new defined set by navigating to the Defined Sets module.

Defined Sets

There are two types of defined set that you can create, MEMBERS and DYNAMIC.  For DYNAMIC, you can configure a defined set’s members by specifying a set of conditions by attribute.

Create a Defined Set

Configure a Dynamic Defined Set

Review a Defined Set

Alternatively, you can choose the type as MEMBERS, where you can define your defined set by selecting the members from the UI.  This method will populate a table in the application database prefixed with “DefinedSet_” based on the members that are selected.  Note that this relational table can also be populated via ETL so as to manage the members from an automated fashion.

Configure a Defined Set by Specifying Members

Associate the defined set to your filter scope and you are good to go.

Define Filter Selections by Using Defined Set

And here is the filter with the defined set applied.

Filter with Limited Members