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Analytical Drill-through

By - Updated October 12, 2017

One of the types of drill-through that Kepion supports is cube level drill-through, or analytical drill-through.

Just simply right click on a read-only cell and select Drill-through (Analytical) to start analyzing that cell’s data.

The DEFAULT tab is selected when you first open the Drill-through window. You can drag and drop different slicers into the analysis design region. To view the data, click on the Drill-through button.

Here is an example of the data that gets returned on the RESULTS tab.

  • The information section at the top shows the value of the selected cell, and the scope that contributes to the number.
  • The last column Percent gives you the ratio of the value on the same line to the value of the selected cell.
  • The returned dataset is ordered by Percent from largest to smallest.

You can go back and forth between the CUBE DETAILS tab and the RESULTS tab to analyze your numbers.

Want to save the default drill-through slicers on a form? No problem! To do so, navigate to the form in Modeler. Under the Edit mode, drag and drop the slicers to the DEFAULT region, and click Save. Once saved, the default slicers will be shared with other users.