Dynamic Dropdowns

By - Updated May 28, 2015

Kepion allows you to create a dropdown list which depends on filter selections or dimension member on row or column. In this example, the options in Currency dropdown will change as Entity and Brand filter selections change.

Follow the following steps to create a dropdown like this.

Step 1. Click Add to add a model combination.

Step 2. Give the combination a name. Choose Dynamic List. Check the dimensions that this dropdown will depend on. Here we check Entity and Product. Click OK to finish.

Step 3. Deploy the application,

Step 4. Go to SQL Server Management Studio. You will find a table called dbo.Map_<MODEL_NAME>_<ModelCombination_NAME>. The table will include all the depended on dimension IDs, followed by Value, Display, and Order columns which define the dropdown.

Now you need to populate this table with proper values.

Step 5. Go to the form and add this model combination as a dropdown to the Currency Column.

Then the dropdown should work in the way you want.