Embedding HTML5

By - Updated March 27, 2019

Users who integrate their own BI reporting system with Kepion planning can now embed their BI screen right into the Kepion dashboard. It’s a feature that is available among business analytics solutions that query relational databases and OLAP cubes. To name a few: Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Domo with dozens more actively used by companies today.

First, install the latest version of Kepion 6+ that is available on our SP site.  With this update, embedding by using HTML code snippets becomes automatically supported.

In the Kepion Modeler, expand Applications and navigate over to All HTML. Add a new HTML component by clicking the green + symbol on the top left. Give it a name and click OK.

Once created, open your BI application to retrieve the Embed Code.

For example in Power BI, open up the File tab above your reports and choose the Embed option.

Copy the link in the highlighted field, then in Kepion, click the Edit pencil icon and Paste the link into the HTML content space. Hit Save.

The width and height of the frame can be edited in the HTML component link as well.

In the dashboard editor, right click anywhere on the screen and proceed with Add Content. Choose the type as HTML and its associated content as defined earlier on. Click OK.

Once saved, you can use any HTML browser (Edge/Chrome) to navigate to APPS and open the dashboard.  The embedded HTML content should then render.

To refresh data on the Power BI canvas, right-click the surrounding white space and select Reload Frame.