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Enhanced Data Filter

By - Updated May 4, 2016

Data Filters can be applied on a form to allow users to perform data filtering by column.  With the latest release, Data Filters from one form can also be linked to Data Filters on another form within a dashboard.  Let’s see how we can configure for that scenario.

In the Settings dropdown, select “Managed Data Filter“.

Choose the “Filter” option.  This will allow you to explicitly specify which columns will have the Data Filter.  Click “Add” to include filters for specific columns.  Use the dropdown under the Column heading to change the selection.

Click “OK” to finish.  Repeat the same process on other forms that you want to have Data Filters.  Now, once you have added all the forms to a Dashboard, you can configure the linking of the Data Filters between forms.  Click on the form’s settings on the Dashboard.

Select the DATA FILTER tab and check the checkboxes for the Data Filters to link.  Click “OK” to finish.

Go to PREVIEW and you should be able to verify the linking of the Data Filters.