Fail to Attach an Application

By - Updated February 8, 2017


When trying to attach an application to a newly setup environment, you may encounter this error reporting ‘Attempting to create application failed: Application ID not found’.


First of all, please make sure that the user who’s attaching the database is a SysAdmin of the SQL Server.

Next, please check if Kepion has ever been installed in more than one machine in this environment, for example, both on your local machine and then on another server.

If so, this issue may be caused by server name resolution error.

To solve this issue, please follow these steps to help the web server find the correct SQL server.

Step 1. Find the IP address of the SQL Server Machine where the Kepion CPMAppHost database is located.

Step 2. Open Kepion Configuration Wizard on the web server.  Click Next to disconnect the current settings.

Step 3. Open Kepion Configuration Wizard again.  Select Connect to an existing one and click Next.

Step 4. In the Database Server name field, enter the IP address you found in the first step.  Click Next.

Step 5. Enter the username and password of the service account.  Please be sure that the Username you enter here is the SysAdmin of the SQL Server.  Click Next to finish.

Step 6. Then please go to Kepion and re-attach the database.  Use IP Address here to locate the server.

If Kepion has only been installed on one machine in the environment, this issue may be caused by a machine that hasn’t been connected to the AD. In this case, when you run the following queries.

You’ll see the application exists in the first table, but the user who did the attachment is not in the second table, which means the user has not been added to the application yet. Therefore when the user tries to save or refresh, he/she will not be able to see the application.

If this is the case, please make sure the machine is connected to the domain, i.e. through VPN etc., and then delete and re-attach the application.