Filter Variable

By - Updated June 25, 2015

Filter Variables are useful when you want to change the definition on the row or column axis dynamically based on user selection of filter.  In this example, we can see that the Brand filter selection (i.e. ‘Adair’ and ‘Harper’) are dynamically injected into the row axis.

A Filter Variable is composed of two parts, the filter part and the definition part.  The filter part is exposed as a regular filter on the form from which the user can choose, and the definition part defines what to inject along the row or column axis.

In this example, ‘Brand List’ hierarchy in ‘Product’ dimension is set as ‘Filter Variable’ and the definition is put on ‘Row’.

And here is the definition on the Row.  Select to Brand List hierarchy, and click Variable.

Filter Variables $[dimension].[hierarchy] are marked by icon . Here, let’s select [Product].[Brand List] and click OK.

With some formatting, we will get the form we need.