Fix for Browser Language Setting Change Issue

By - Updated December 10, 2015


When opening a saved plan, users may hit this warning message.


When an app is saved, Kepion saves the browser locale setting together with the app in order to avoid culture-sensitive formatting issues. For example, the decimal number 10000.50 is formatted as 10,000.50 for the culture English (United States), “en-US”, and 10.000,50 for the culture German (Germany), “de-DE”. If users have formulas saved in an app, it may not be handled correctly if opening in another local. Therefore, when users change the browser language to another language with a different culture-sensitive formatting, they will see this message.

There are two ways to resolve this issue. You can change your browser language to what is suggested in the message. Or, you can discard the saved app, and start a new one.