Fix for Process Error

By - Updated May 21, 2015


After changing partitions to MOLAP mode, the deployment process fails due to internal error.



This error means there are invalid data in the MOLAP partition. First we need to find which partition contains invalid data. Click the ß button on the left yellow region. You’ll see a detailed deploy plan. We can see the error comes from the Reporting model.


Then we can go to the Reporting model and check all the MOLAP partitions one by one. Click the Errors Only checkbox can help you quickly identify if there is any invalid data within the partition.


There are two types of invalid data: 1) the dimension member doesn’t exist in model hierarchy, or 2) the dimension member doesn’t exist in the dimension at all. If it is the first case, you’ll see a yellow exclamation icon as shown above. Otherwise you’ll see a red icon.

To fix the first type error, you just need to add the member back to the hierarchy that is used by the model. The second type error can be more complicated. You need to remove all the invalid records. But this will cause data loss. You may want to talk with the business users before deleting anything. Also, you may need to find out what causes the issue and fix it from the root.  Most time we find the cause can be 1) members have been mistakenly removed from the dimension, or 2) invalid members have been inserted into the partition through a SQL rule. We highly suggest following the Kepion Data Integration Best Practices in order to reduce the likelihood of having invalid data in the system.