Improve Performance by Configuring Partition Mode and Interval

By - Updated August 31, 2016

If you have a partition storing more than 20 million rows or over 250 MB in size, you can configure partition mode and partition interval setting in PERFORMANCE tab of the partition to improve performance.


You can choose to partition the data by a certain “criteria” and by a certain “interval”.  For instance, you can choose:

  • Partition Mode: Month
  • Partition Interval: 3

By doing so, Kepion will generate SSAS partitions automatically from your single partition into multiple partitions, and split the data by 3 month groups of data.  It will also use the Time dimension defined on the model to determine the start and end range for the time.

This technique can help boost processing time for very large partitions.  However, please ensure that the partition is set to MOLAP, as this technique is not helpful for ROLAP partitions.

The partition in SQL will not be affected.  This feature will only generate additional partitions in SSAS with time filter for each range of data.