Kepion + Power BI Demo App

By - Updated November 17, 2017

Kepion + Power BI allows you to set new targets, run what-if scenarios and make better decisions for maximizing your company’s performance.

We have updated the Sample App-Advanced application with two dashboards for Power BI demo. To create your own Kepion + Power BI demo environment, please follow the steps below.


Please make sure you have installed and configured the following components before moving forward.

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Data Gateway (required to connect to SSAS)

Here’s more information about how to manage SSAS data source on Power BI.

Download the following assets from the Kepion Resource Center

  • Sample Apps -> Sample
  • Sample Apps -> Sample App-Advanced – Power BI

Prepare the Kepion application

Unzip Sample and restore the database to your Kepion environment.

Deploy the application from the Kepion Modeler.

Prepare the Power BI reports

Unzip Sample App-Advanced – Power BI Follow the steps to edit the report data source.

Open one of the Power BI report. Click Edit Queries -> Data source settings.

Update the field Server and Database to the SSAS server that Kepion applications are deployed to.

Select the perspective (or cube). The table below maps the Power BI reports to the SSAS cube.

Power BI Report Connected to Perspective: {SSAS Database} -> {Cube}
5-Year Projection.pbix Sample App-Advanced -> Strategic Planning-Planning
Enterprise Reports.pbix Sample App-Advanced -> Revenue-Reporting
Sales Performance Reports.pbix Sample App-Advanced -> Revenue-Reporting

Edit the data source for all the Power BI reports.

Prepare the Power BI Service

Open and log in.

Add a data source for the Sample App-Advanced SSAS database.

Click Users to add a user and map username to the SSAS credential.

Read more about usernames used in Power BI Service.

Publish the Power BI reports to your Power BI Service

Click the Publish button to publish the reports to your Power BI Service, so that multiple users can access it online or from mobile devices.

Create your Power BI Dashboard from the reports just published

Feel free to design your own Power BI dashboards.  Below is the setup we had in the Kepion + Power BI demo video.

Power BI Dashboard Using Power BI Report Connected to Kepion Planning Dashboard
Enterprise Reporting Enterprise Reports
5-Year Projection
Power BI Demo – Strategic Planning
Sales Performance Sales Performance Reports Power BI Demo – Revenue Planning