Kepion + SharePoint: How to Link to Kepion from SharePoint?

By - Updated May 28, 2015

This article introduces two approaches to connect to Kepion from your SharePoint site.

Embed Approach

We can embed Kepion into SharePoint as a web part component so that users can use Kepion for planning and analysis in SharePoint Page.

1.  Grab the URL of the Kepion Workbook/Dashboard Plan in Kepion.

2.  In SharePoint Page, add a Page Viewer Web Part.

3.  Open the tool pane to edit the web part.

4.  Paste the Workbook/Dashboard URL and change web part properties as needed.

5.  Save the page, check it in and publish it. Now we have Kepion in SharePoint.


Link Approach

Another approach is to provide a link to Kepion in SharePoint so that users will use this link to go to an individual Kepion page for planning and analysis.

1.  Grab the URL of the Kepion Workbook/Dashboard Plan in Kepion (the same as Embed Approach).
2.  Add a link into the SharePoint navigation. Paste the Workbook/Dashboard URL into the Address filed.

3.  Now we have a link titled Plan in the navigation bar that will lead us to a Kepion plan page.