KPI Inside

By - Updated June 1, 2015

Create and manage KPIs within a Kepion form. It is really simple, just edit the form in Modeler and right click on a cell where you would like to define the KPI. The screenshot below shows two KPI options in the menu, Create KPI and Manage KPI. You can choose the first option when you want to create a new KPI and the second option when you want to make edits to an existing KPI.


When you select Create KPI, the KPI window will appear. The KPI definition is organized into three sections, SCOPE, TARGET and FORMAT. The SCOPE section defines the region on the form to which the KPI definition should apply. In the example below, we want to apply this KPI definition to only the ‘Gross Margin %’ member on the form. What this also means is that if the user changes the form filter to different years or scenarios this KPI definition will still apply as long as the ‘Gross Margin %’ member appears on the form. You can choose to include other dimensions and members to narrow down the scope of the KPI.



Next, you will need to define the TARGET for the KPI. This area is designed to be very flexible. You can choose to define target conditions for numeric data and text data. You can also Add or Remove conditions by clicking on the relevant buttons and order your conditions by using the UP and DOWN buttons. Click on the KPI ICON and define the color of your choice.



Finally, you can give some formatting options around the KPI definition. The options included here are different vertical and horizontal alignments, sizing of the KPI, different KPI styling and whether to hide the cell value when the KPI is displayed in the Form.



And voila, you have your first KPI defined!!