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Make Final Action for Approver

By - Updated March 30, 2016

An approver chain can be setup for plans with advanced workflow. The approver chain dictates the order of user approval when a submission is made for a plan. For instance, in the given approval chain below, the user KepionUser could submit their plan to KepionUser1 who could then in turn send it for final approval to KepionUser2.

Approval Process

Typically, each user within the approval chain will have a chance to either approve or reject the submission. When all the users have approved, the submission is approved. Alternatively, an approver can decide that their approval is the final step in the approval process. This enables approvers to make the judgment on whether or not to pass the submission further up the chain of approval. To do so, an approver can check the “make final” checkbox and then approve.

Make Final Action for Approver