Manage Security from SQL Server Management Studio

By - Updated January 11, 2018

Kepion allows you to configure security through Kepion Administrator UI or SQL Server Management Studio. This article will walk you through the relationship tables that are related to security settings.

In Security -> Membership, you can add user/user group/role to a role.

Manage Membership

In the database, the [dbo].[UserAffiliations] will be updated.

In Security -> Permission, you can grant dimension or model permissions to selected user, user group, or role.

Manage Permission

Granting model permission is easy.  You just check the corresponding Read or Write box by model.

Model Security

In the database, the [dbo].[ModelAccesses] will be updated.

To grant users permission by dimension, please turn on the Security attribute of the dimension in Kepion Modeler first.  Then you can check the dimension member(s), choose the permission type (Read-only or Read/Write), and click Single/Children/All/Leaves.

Dimension Security

In the database, the [dbo].[DimensionDataPermissions] will be updated.

To conclude, if you prefer to configure user permissions in SQL Server Management Studio, there are three tables you will need to update manually:

  • [dbo].[UserAffiliations]
  • [dbo].[ModelAccesses]
  • [dbo].[DimensionDataPermissions]

Inherited permissions are stored in [dbo].[ExtendedDimensionPermissions] and [dbo].[ExtendedModelAccesses]. These two tables will be automatically updated on deployment.