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Managing MemberIDs in Dimension at Import/Export

By - Updated March 30, 2016

We improved the import/export functionality to help you better manage MemberIDs for a dimension.

A “Show MemberId” checkbox has been added to the dimension ribbon to provide more visibility to the MemberId field.

Show MemberID

When exporting a member list, you can export MemberID together with all other columns to a CSV file by checking the “Include MemberID” field.

Include MemberID at Export

If your CSV file contains MemberID field, you’ll need to check the “Include MemberID” option before selecting the file.

Include MemberID at Import

At import,

  • if the MemberID exists in Kepion dimension, the system will verify if the MemberLabel in the CSV file matches what it is in Kepion.  If so, all attributes of the member will be updated. Otherwise, errors will be reported and the import will not start
  • if the MemberID doesn’t exist in Kepion dimension, it will be imported as new members with the specified MemberID from the import file