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Member Variables

By - Updated April 6, 2015

Modelers can now manage form filter updates across the entire application by using Member Variables. Form filters that are configured to use Member Variable can then be updated together in a centralized place.

To create an application Member Variable:

1. Navigate to the following in Modeler:

2. Click on the Add icon in the ribbon and configure your Member Variable:

3. Give your Member Variable a name and select the context (Member List and Hierarchy) for defining the member. Click OK to finish.

4. To configure the Member Variable on a form, select the FILTER tab and click on the gear icon.

5. Because the FiscalYear filter has the same context as the application Member Variable, you can configure it to use that Member Variable.

6. When you refresh your form, you will now see that the filter is set to FY14. Any changes to the application Member Variables will now automatically be reflected in the filter on the form.