Process Cube in SQL Agent Jobs

By - Updated May 28, 2015

Kepion Modeler allows you to process application objects including databases, cubes, partitions, and dimensions through UI when needed. If a process task needs to be scheduled, we will use SQL agent job. Here is how.

Step 1. Open SQL Studio Management Studio and connect to the Analysis Service. Find the object that you need to process. Here we’ll process the Actual partition within the Reporting cube as an example. Right click on the partition and select Process in the list.

Step 2. In the pop up window, select the Process Options as needed.

Step 3. Click Script, and select Script Actions to Clipboard.

Step 4. Go to the SQL Agent Job you are working on, add a New Job Step, select ‘SQL Server Analysis Services Command’ in the Type dropdown, enter the server name, paste the code we copied from last step into the Command field, and then click OK to save.