Reverse Hierarchy Display in a PivotTable

By - Updated June 25, 2015

It’s really easy to reverse the hierarchy display in a Kepion form.  You only need to check the Reverse option in the Layout tab in a form.  It would take more work to get this job done in an Excel PivotTable. Here is how.

Create your PivotTable first. If you want to display the whole hierarchy in the reverse order, you will need to explicitly expand all hierarchy members.  We only expanded a few in this example for simplicity.  When you are done with the row/column label display, select “Create Set Based on Row Items” option in the ANALYZE tab.

In the New Set window, you’ll see all the displayed members from the row/column.  You’ll need to use the Up and Down button to re-order the set to reach the final result you want to get.

When finished reordering, you also need to UNCHECK the “Display Items from different levels in separate fields” option on the bottom left. Click OK to finish.

The PivotTable will use the set you just created.  However, you will lose the expand/collapse capability.  Also, you will need to indent the row/column labels manually.