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Rule Progress Messages

By - Updated June 13, 2018

You can define special messages to return to the user during the execution of a rule.  These messages allow the user to visually see how the rule is executing on the server.

Progress Window

To define these special messages, you use the spRegisterProgress stored procedure.  The general usage flow of the spRegisterProgress is as follows:

To mark a step as started, use the following.  Replace the <Step> name with the actual description of the step.

To mark a step as ended, use one of the following:

Note that all SQL rules have a @_activityID parameter available.

Once you have tagged your SQL logic with the spRegisterProgress, you will need to enable the Track Progress checkbox in the SQL rule.

Enable Progress Window

Now, all you have to do is post on a dashboard and you should see the Progress window show up on rule execution.

Note, currently the Progress window is configured to only run for rules that are configured to auto run on Post.