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SQL Rule Messages

By - Updated May 4, 2017

SQL rule messages can be very helpful to end users.  They can be used to validate input parameters or to highlight issues for the user to see.  You can define custom messages to return on rule execution by using the SQL PRINT function.  When users run the rule, they will receive their message from a dialog window. For example, the following message is returned when the “Top Down Allocation” rule runs:

SQL Rule Message Window

To configure a SQL rule message, simply specify the message in a format similar to the following:

N'<INFO>Top down allocation completed’

N'<SUCCESS>Top down allocation completed’

N'<WARNING>Top down allocation encountered a warning on execution’

N'<ERROR>Top down allocation encountered an error on execution’

The <INFO>, <SUCCESS>, <WARNING> and <ERROR> tags indicate the type of message that a user sees.  In addition, any error messages that are encountered on rule execution will stop any subsequent rules, if any, from running.