Use Cells with Value being Changed

By - Updated May 28, 2015

In Kepion, cells that have been changed but not posted yet will be marked by a blue triangle on the top left of the cell, as shown below.

At post, these cells are stored in the @Changelist parameter, which can then be used in any on-post SQL rules.

The @Changelist data type is dynamically defined by the model that the form belongs to. The data type follows the naming convention dbo.t_Fv2_{Model Name}_CoreMG_Writeback, as shown below.

You can see that it is very similar to the Writeback table structure in the same model.

Whenever you want to use cells that have been changed, you can pass the @Changelist as a parameter into the SQL stored procedure.

In the stored procedure, you will define a parameter with the right data type.

Then in the stored procedure, instead of reading data from Writeback table, which includes all the Writeback data in that model, you just need to read data from @Changelist parameter.

This will help reduce the calculation scope thus optimize SQL rule performance when used correctly.