Using Silverlight in Chrome and Firefox

By - Updated May 29, 2015

Kepion recommend our customers to use Internet Explorer for best user experience.  Other browsers such as Goolge Chrome and Firefox are also supported when Silverlight is enabled.  Below you will find instructions on how to enable Silverlight in Chrome and Firefox.

Enable Silverlight in Firefox

When navigating to your Kepion Portal in Firefox, you may see the following message:

Just click “Activate Silverlight” and Kepion will be running.

Enable Silverlight in Chrome

Chrome disabled Silverlight by default in version v42.  If you are using a version equal or later than v42, you will see the following screen when opening your Kepion Portal.

There might be two reasons: Silverlight is not installed on your PC, or the plug-in is disabled in your Chrome browser.  Please ensure Silverlight has been installed in your PC, otherwise please click the “Install Microsoft Silverlight” link in the screen above.

To re-enable Silverlight in Chrome, please take the following steps:

1.  Enter chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the address bar of your Chrome.  You will get the following window:

2.  Click “Enable” in the section “Enable NPAPI” and then click “Relaunch Now”.  All open Chrome windows will be closed and re-opened.

3.  Finally, Chrome will warn you again, that there are blocked plug-ins on this page.  Click on the warning in the address bar, select “Always allow plug-ins on” and click “Done”:

After that, Kepion will be working again in Chrome.