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Validation on Forms

By - Updated April 6, 2015

You can create validations on forms using the Cell Attributes feature. Here we will create a validation rule to prevent any data entered in Unit that is less than zero. Should a negative value be entered, an error icon will appear with a message for how to correct the input. Let’s get started. Right click on a cell that should have the validation applied and select Define Cell Attributes.

We scope this definition to only the Unit member on Account dimension. We can also include other members for our scope but for this particular form, we want to only define this over the Unit member.

We enable the Validation option and we create the error condition by clicking on Add. Note that we can create numeric and text conditions. Here we define the condition such that when the value is less than zero, we will get an error icon along with a message. The Disallow Post checkbox is also checked so that we can prevent the user from posting when an error condition is encountered.

Click Next and then Finish. Now if we enter in any number that is less than zero to the Units, we get a message letting us know that the value needs to be positive.