Warning Message Complaining Confliction of Language Setting

By - Updated November 7, 2017


The following message pops out when users try to ‘Save’ the submission. It says this workbook/dashboard was saved in a different language setting and it asks users to update the language to a particular one.


This is a warning to let the user know that the saved submission was in a particular browser language setting (i.e. ‘en-GB’) but that the current browser session is now in a different language setting. When there are different language settings between saved submissions, formulas may be interpreted differently. For example, in one language a user entered formula ‘=1,000’ may resolve as one thousand, but in another language setting the formula might resolve to 1 followed by 3 zeros. The warning is there to ensure that the submission is saved and opened in the same language setting to avoid this potential issue.

To fix it, please have the user to change their browser language setting to the language that is called out in the warning message (i.e. ‘en-GB’ in this example), and try opening their submission again. Alternatively, they can discard their current submission and start a brand new one.