Web Service is Unavailable

By - Updated February 15, 2017


When connecting to Kepion, an error message pops out complaining the service is temporarily unavailable.


This indicates the web service is not available.  This happens because of a lack of memory planning.   It is likely to happen when web server shares the same machine as SQL and AS severs, where the latter two eat up all the memory.

Typically, we recommend a minimum 14G memory for a production shared environment.  The memory allocation should be

  • 2G memory for OS
  • 4G+ for Kepion
  • 4G+ for SQL (need to configure on SQL server by entering # of Mb)

  • 4G+ for SSAS (need to configure on SSAS server as % of total available memory on server)

If the SQL/SSAS memory thresholds is not configured, then each server will consume as much available memory as possible.  This will cause trouble in a shared environment, as the servers will fight each other for memory.

When this issue occurs, you may still find the memory usage is low in Task Manager.  Please be aware that memory usage from Task Manager cannot be trusted, as it does not accurately report their usage to OS.