Why My Application is Offline after Migration?

By - Updated March 31, 2016


If the application is automatically set to offline after attachment, it should be a version issue.

Application is offline after migration


This happens during application migration when the source environment has a newer Kepion version than the target. To solve this issue, please update the Kepion instance in your target machine to the latest bit. The latest version is always available on our partner portal.

It is always the best for your interest to use the most current Kepion version. However, we understand there are certain instances that you are not able to upgrade Kepion immediately. Therefore we have a workaround for you. We can bring the application back to an older version to cheat the system. Here is how.

Step 1. Click the green icon on top right corner to get Kepion version information in your target environment.

Check application version

Step 2. In the bottom left corner of the pop-out window, you’ll see a series numbers starts with a ‘v’. Write down this number string. Here we have 5.1.14345.0

Write down version number

Step 3. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the target server. Find the ApplicationInfo table and right click to Edit it.

Edit application info

Step 4. In the first row, replace the Version field with the number you recorded in Step 2. Close the tab to save.

Update version number

Step 5. Change the State of your application to Online in Kepion and click Save. You should find your application good to go.

Application is back online