Why There is no Data in my Pivot Table?

By - Updated May 21, 2015


You can connect to Kepion cubes using Excel and perform data analysis through Excel Pivot Tables.  To learn how to build Excel Pivot Tables, please refer to Using Excel PivotTable for Data Analysis.

Sometimes you may reach an empty table even if you set the axis correctly.  See the example below.


The reason for this can be one of the following:

  1. The highest level of table headers (in this case, Account dimension) doesn’t contain any data;
  2. By default, Pivot Table displays table headers in collapsed view (i.e. show the highest level nodes only);
  3. By default, Pivot Table doesn’t display empty rows and columns.

To display data in the table, we should follow these steps.

Step 1. Right click on the PivotTable and select ‘PivotTable Options…’.

Step 2. Check the box before ‘Show items with no data on rows’ and ‘Show items with no data on columns’. Click ‘OK’.

Now you should be able to see the table with full axis information according to your Pivot Table selections.