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Workflow Monitoring

By - Updated March 30, 2016

Kepion provides users in the Administrator or Advanced Contributor role the ability to monitor the progress of workflow plans. To get an overview of who has finished their plan, who has started their plan and who has yet to begin their plan, select the Monitor node in the Administrator navigation pane. The tab PLAN PROGRESS will display the status of different user plan submissions in a visual diagram. Hover over each square to see more information about that specific plan submission. In addition, you can send email to folks who have either started or who have yet to start their plan by clicking on the email buttons in the ribbon.

Monitor Workflow

The APPROVAL PROGRESS module allows you to visualize the progress of users and their approvals according to the approval chain definition. The approvers in the left pane display the final approvers (i.e. the last approver in an approval chain) organized by their plan. Select all the approvers to see a complete overview of the approval process.

Monitor Approval Process